SSdk ITB 2015

hello guys, long time no see! how’s your day ? amazing ? so do i! 😀 happy MONDAY, May today’s bring you forgiveness, happiness, prosperity and lead us together on the path of peace.

well, what did i do in my few-holiday? just keep watching drama ( 1-3 season maybe ), variety show, and some film until a little bit of bored (honestly). but beside that (bore) activity, of course i must do minimum one positive activity and Alhamdulilah after administration selection, interview, training, and micro teaching. i selected be one of 100 (approximate) trainer for SSDK 2015 from LTPB ITB for new students of ITB. WOHOO !  At the beginning of training SSDK done centrally, but is now distributed to faculty training / schools respectively. The trainer is ITB students selected from various study programs so we can share our experiences. ( and I got SBM or School of Business and Management ). SSdk ITB 2015 held at August, 18-19th 2015 🙂

btw, I have a partner to when doing the training, her name is Yayang Rita (SBM, 2012). I really happy that my partner was from the same school with the trainees 😉

SSDK Training (Strategy Success On Campus) is one of the ITB Transformation Acceleration Team program to improve student academic achievement ITB.

Survey (2011) showed only 23.4% of S1 ITB students can graduate on time. This is quite surprising because logically, those who accepted a student ITB has a pretty good academic potential. From there the thought, that it is necessary to find a way to jump-start the academic potential while giving the opportunity to organize and socialize. and SSDK is one of the solution of it. to solve problem without any problem.

for myself, ssdk give me a strength! i become someone who have good commitment, good leadership, good motivation, good time management, and of course self development! very useful. and i finally can speak up again after one year i become a silent person -_-

yeah thank you character development of LTPB, cause you give me good opportunity to be better person 🙂

2015-08-22-22-27-24_decoTrainers (Filah -pink- and Yayang Rita -green-) and the Trainee of SBM

1440039850573The Trainers Team of SSDK ITB 2015

profpic SSDK 2015My Profile Picture during SSdk and SMSP ITB 2015

♥ ♥ ♥,


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