Word Scratch; Education is A Lifestyle

I think people should think education is a lifestyle. I know for most of the youngsters who live in metropolis city, like i do– Jakarta, Bandung, etc; we spend almost the entire expenses to catch up with the trend, to look good with the widest acceptance of certain lifestyle in the society. But rarely, they think that to have a constant and proper education is also a lifestyle.

Education could be as glamor as fashion; we certainly could wear luxury education on our brain. It can’t seen but it shown. Highly educated people are somewhat looks sophisticated as they are able to think long vision, to resolve complicated issue, to create great innovation, and on the top of everything they could change the world.

During the critical age of Y and Z generation teens, they tend to spend their time to have fun without learning any good for their future. They take their education easy as they think they have Google in their hands. In the other hand, critics should go to the conventional and boring educational institution. There’s no way we can longer apply the old-fashioned in class learning process for the Y and Z generation; they are dynamics, they are the people who must adapt with constant changing trends for almost the entire of their life. However, slowly but sure, I see that some of the people have shifted their mindset to take education as their lifestyle.


An Indonesian famous author, Andrea Hirata, once wrote that to study and learn is not just about proving something or to get some degrees, instead to study and to learn is an appreciation to develop our self and a celebration to take our right to become a better individual day by day.

Looking forward to see my home country, Indonesia, to have a better quality and enthusiasm in education for the entire Indonesian society from the western seas of Sabang to the eastern mountainous of Merauke.

This word scratch was written to celebrate Indonesian National Education Day May 2, 2015

With huge optimism, 

♥ ♥ ♥,


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