Erlend Øye Come Back :)


Did you know Erlend Øye spoke Italian?

Hey, neither did we! It turns out that the man behind Kings of Convenience/ The Whitest Boy Alive has been living in Sicily, and his language skills are put to good use on this summery new single. Molto bene, and all that.

My favorite Norwegian Erlend Øye has returned with his first solo outing in 10 years. It’s a single called “La Prima Estate” , it’s in Italian, and it’s amazing in the most unexpected ways.
Let me count the ways of its amazingness:

1. THAT ARTWORK. Loud is the new quiet!

2. How amazingly random it is. Apparently, the one half of Kings of Convenience is now living in Italy, and the song is his homage to ’70s Italo easy-listening folk- pop, popular in Norway at the time. He did his research, and it showed. It’s a totally unexpected re-introduction, but for a man whose past repertoire ranges from acoustic folk to Berlin indie techno, I shouldn’t be so surprised.

3. Even though I don’t understand a word, itstill sounds like the giddiest piece of jet-set-ready summer music. Jens Lekman would be proud.

4. THE VIDEO, shot on location in Siracusa, Sicily. Who are all these twee geeks dancing like fools, bursting with
unadulterated joy? Prepare to grin like an idiot.

Simply wonderful.

If you wanna download the video of “La Prima Estate” , please click the link below


So chill.

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