Thanks God, I am a Part Of The Best Institute In Indonesia

ITB 2013

Hi everyone! Long time to see you. May be a few of you thought that I must be study in entire month(s). Yes! you right, man. You can reach your destiny, until you try the best of you. I really thank to God because of the finest result that I never thought before.

Well, actually I don’t care about ITB (in my high school days). I just want to become a doctor in Padjadjaran University. I recognized that I didn’t study hard yet. So, I didn’t get the ‘best’ result.

I underwent one year earlier to study in the department of chemistry (one of the majors that I have never actually counted on). I just studied in college for one semester (six months). Early in 2013, precisely in February, I frequently skipped lectures. I just go in 2 subjects (with one subject had a presentations below 80%). Well, I regretted my decision. Supposedly if you want to get faculty dream, you have to learn much louder than the others.

Exactly in middle of June , I followed one of the college entrance test (SBMPTN) read my previous entry about it here. I thought I can answer the questions better than the previous year. I’m so thankful,  my attempt to skip studying in college did not end in vain.

Oh yes, as a reference point in the city of Bandung tutoring, I highly recommend PROSUS inten (Special Programs Exemplary Institute). Maybe because in counseling there, I can get into the best institutes in the country. 😀

Are you curious about my test result?

Really curious about it, right?

Especially with the dramatic title of my writing above.

Come on admit it that you are curious. OK -__-“

🙂 here you are


Hooray, I can get into SAPPK. I wish it is much better decision than faculty of medical.  Hoping after study there, I could be an reliable architect, and can work in Bappenas or in other state-owned institution. Then, I will educated abroad for free ( with scholarships).

I wish I would graduate quickly.

Thank you for reading the outpouring of my heart. Success for all of us!
: D


2 Comments Add yours

  1. swhytia says:

    Semoga Filah Planologi deh… biar jadi PNS loooh…


    1. pinkvsgrey says:

      liat yang terbaik aja deh Why. makasih atas dukungan dan doanya selama ini O:)


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