Nervous In First Dating With Crush

nervous being in first date
Both was nervous. Hilarious~

I was felt frustration about my own feeling. Yup, I still single for a couple of year. Oh my Heaven!

Therefore, I decided to make something that could remind me twitchy memories. A lot of memory in me-brain. But, the never-stop-theme-of-the-whole-world (read; love) could gave me proof that it was really special and unpredictable. Sometimes, love could make you feel better and gonna fly after, or would make you sad and sadder ever. hmm, gee… surprising.

If you have a question who are the people in the gif animation up there. Here the good answer, they are Palmy (the girl) and Erlend Oye (the boy).

It my first time to look Erlend become more hilarious than before in the video (especially in the scene of dancing with Palmy. I think maybe next time I would make the gif about it =)) ). They should be a sweet-couple, because of the same personality (edgy).

Okay… okay….. if I could imagine about their feeling (only consider with my imagination. Don’t protest if it doesn’t compare with you guys). Checked my last poetry, Crush. I also added their photo too.

Too romantic and edgy, right?

I miss you, Mr. One♥


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