He remembers feeling something 
 between them walking close
 He wondered should he make a move
 but the chance would never come
 When she left 
 and he thought it was all 
 until one day
 He found out she had 
 had a crush on him 
 but dare not say

 I guess I should have tried to make her mine
 But all that I could do was make her smile
 I guess that there were things 
 I did not see
 For not believing 
 this happening to me

 She would call him 
 talk for hour 
 never say...... a word
 He could never quite find out
 just what he felt for her
 I guess he thought 
 until they met again 
 their love could wait
 But when he found out 
 he had a crush on her 
 it was.... too late

 I guess I should have known 
 how this would end
 And now I'm stuck with yet another friend

2 Comments Add yours

    1. pinkvsgrey says:

      hehe makasih.


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