Fried-Chicken Cashier Incident

Mesin Kasir

The time goes so fast I always thought that the elementary school years are very long (imagine the same class with the same people for 6 years). Maybe at that time I was still a little girl who was innocent and a little knowledge. Over time all the family rang I thought it went away one by one. Until the time that will unite us again.

I just realized that maybe about a month ago.
here’s the story …

I felt little stress and starvation, incidentally has entered the lunch hour. I decided to order fast food in restaurant (one of the famous chicken seller). The restaurant has been there since I was anΒ  elementary student. Yes it was a long time ago, I think it’s just me who do not feel the impact of a change of the time. Anyway I started daydreaming again. Suffered a brief daydream, I still walked to the drive-thru cashier (because it’s better to eat in other places morepeaceful I thought).
I was a little stunned by the sight that I saw on the counter. Yeah checkout counter, the cashier table , they were really ordinary. But the person behind the counter is …..

my brother and I’s old friend when we were in elementary school (although different schools, we often meet during Koran school in the mosque)

As I said World spinning too fast until I do not feel the rotation again.
Do I personally static or the world which is lived for become too dynamic (?)

Prinsip KFC

rama muhammad
old friend in there

What is your opinion?

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