Random Things On April 2013

Hi everyone wherever you are. Long time no see! Really miss to create a post.

Everyday except Sunday, I must attend course and prepare for examination next month. So, I’m trying to survive from boredom routines. Daily monotonic life sometimes makes you want to get out of the comfort zone. I like walking around my city, Bandung twice a week. The ‘dose’ of trip was enough to keep me fresh and not get saturated easily.

Here some photograph that I’ve taken past day

1. Kitten-Baby

Dede Kucing (Kittern Baby) source: p!nkvsgrey
Dede Kucing (Kittern Baby)
source: p!nkvsgrey

I got home around 8pm. I was a little scared because public transport was usually very quiet and prone to crime. Luckily, I sat next to a woman who was holding her baby. The baby is very cute, especially when he looks confused because I look him very close. I ventured to ask her mother’s permission to photograph the ​​baby. Cute cat outfit complete with the tail. How cute :3

I hope when I have baby(es), I’ll dressed up them with cute clothes maybe a cats clothes, bears outfit look good too or … rabbits one. Gosh I haven’t got a boyfriend, I already want to have baby(es). What a dream day! I had talked with his mother. She was a friendly young mom.

Before dropped, I’ve waving to them and the baby has smiling. “Do not forget auntie okay!” I said before separated. A brief memorable moment :’)

2. The Art-House

Rumah Seni source: p!nkvsgrey
Rumah Seni
source: p!nkvsgrey

Exactly a week has passed after the holidays in Ciater Resort, Subang regency. All former students and some tutor teachers of Inten decided to take a trip to the famous thermal hot springs and stay at the bungalow in Ciater. The whole days was full-fun. Some of the ‘game’ outbound we’ve tried such as flying fox, a boat in the hot pools, rafting, and of course soaking in a natural hot spring pools the middle of the night.

I also visited the buildings around there. Unfortunately, the Art-House (on of the interesting building) were closed for repairing. Though, I want to see the art from Ciater or Subang, maybe I’ll buy it as a souvenir. What a pity 😦

3. Surprise Above The Car

Wild Cat Above The Car
Wild Cat Above The Car
source; p!nkvsgrey

I’ve bought a book in Palasari, Bandung, famous for its local bookstores that sell books at bargain prices.

Shortly before deciding go home, I saw a tabby cat which were sheltering from the hot sun ray under the car. Casual cat B)

4. My-Neosack

My-Neosack source:p!nkvsgey

I’ve really wanted to buy a cute bag, that I saw in an advertisement in one of the famous teen magazine, branded Neosack.

On the way home I saw a department store was lauching a big sale event until tomorrow. instincts of women are very sensitive to the discount. I saw the bag I’ve been looking for. Immediately, I  purchased it, although there is no discount for that product.

Besides, buying a bag I also bought a jacket as a gift for my younger brother’s birthday. Although his birthday is still two months away.

I feel very hedonistic, satisfied, tired (after a jostling queue) and feel proud (because of money whom I spend is my savings).

That’s some of my activities. Forgive me if there is a part of my posting that you do not understand clearly.

I’m waiting for your opinion in the comment box. Happy weekend 😀


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bams Triwoko says:

    Such awesome post. Have a nice weekend.. 🙂


    1. pinkvsgrey says:

      terima kasih sudah sempet berkunjung ke blog sederhana ini. Ditunggu kedatangannya kembali hehe


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