Weekly Photo Challenge: Change | Xelo The Cat ´ᴥ`

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Xelo The Cat ´ᴥ`

Why should I choose this cat photo?
This actually is a photo of my pet, named Xelo. He is a male cat and almost a half year old. I took this photo when he was one month. Look at those big green shining eyes!. I really fell in love with him, besides having beautiful eyes, he also has gray fur which is thick and smooth (probably because we are fed high protein foods), besides the cute pink nose and pink lips!

after that I think I might have made ​​this blog inspired by Xelo ´ᴥ`. I love you 🙂

As I pet Xelo, a number of changes took place:

  • I change my world to become an animal lovers. Whereas, I do not like any animal before :p
  • I have changed my allowance into cat food cans. Because there are no free meals in this world 😥
  • I became more calm and not easily stressed. Seeing the pink-nosed cat I could change my feeling more calm.

Hope you’ll like my last post.I will not delete this blog. (No never). I’m just going to kind of hibernating =)) because I am going to be more focus on learning for heading The College Entrance Exams a few months later. Please pray for me to become a medical student.

Thanks a lot for all of your attention.Wish us luck ☺


6 Comments Add yours

  1. mithriluna says:

    He’s so cute!


    1. pinkvsgrey says:

      Thanks a lot mithriluna
      I’ll tell Xelo then 🙂


  2. seeker says:

    what a cutie kitty kat.


    1. pinkvsgrey says:

      yes he’s really cutie cat :3
      thanks so much seeker


    1. pinkvsgrey says:

      Thank you so much, Photography Journal Blog.
      That’s really meaningful
      Wish us luck


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