Strongest Memory of Heart-pounding

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

The incident occurred about 10 years ago.

p!nkvsgreyYoung Grandfather, Mother and Uncle.
Young Grandfather, Mother and Uncle.

I was not so close with my grandfather, I think he’s an traveling old-guy. He loved to visit us in Bandung. The distance is so far from Bengkulu, in Sumatra island to Bandung, in Java Island. Fortunately, her spirits are very high, maybe that’s why he got the nickname ‘Youthful Grandpa’.

His death made ​​a deep sorrow to us, especially for my mother. My mother really love his father deeply. She always says that the only person who understands her while in his childhood. Many funny things happened when sh that my mom often tell us. funny as when e was child, but the most memorable moment was washing his (Granpa) clothes. Mother did not clean his laundry but not he didn’t get angry. He even made ​​a joke how quickly the work of my mother (she pretty fast when doing everything) but not the good cleaner hehe 🙂

July 2004 my grandfather died, I could not stop the tears, it just flowed out. I felt my heart beat so fast that made my hands were shaking. I saw my mother put a brave face, while calling her mother (grandmother). She just smiles and made the situation more painful.

It was the first time, I felt lost someone. so sad …


What is your opinion?

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