Looking For Jack Frost In Here

For many of us, winter is blooming into spring, or fall hardening into winter. Which season do you most look forward to?

According to some people who live in 4-season countries, probably will argue that the most awaited season is spring, because its presence can bring new life not only plants but also human. Besides the warmth of spring could open a new sheet of life of many creatures.

Sometimes people also really like autumn as their favorite season, the colors of fall are interesting to make people fall in love with them, especially when stepping on the crispy brown leaves. I also love it.

If you asked me what the season I’ll wait for, the answer is winter. For most people is very cold, so outdoor activities are limited, people become more passive, more quiet and antisocial. (why I also mock the winter-_-)
Okay, whatever, I do love winter, as person who lives and raises in Indonesia, a tropical country (the only season is hot or rather hot *kidding) is impossible to see the snowflakes. Yes, it’s a crazy thing, if it comes, it’s definitely signs of the Doomsday, my friend joked lightly.

Maybe because I was inspired or spend too much time hearing the songs of Scandinavian musicians, who became very productive during the winter (probably to fill their spare time, they wrote a song). Besides, winter is also very romantic season, you could see the snowflakes fall calmly. so peaceful!

Unfortunately in Indonesia, the most probable thing happened is hail. Hail occurred in Bandung (my lovely city) about a week ago. At the time, my mom and I were watching a movie, when noises were hear from the roof . We thought there was a bird pecking the roof. Actually, the sky turns dropping marble-sized ice. Terrible indeed but that’s the reality 😥



In conclusion, I admit that my favorite season is winter. Someday, I’ve dreamed that one day I will be working and living in Norway (one of 4-season country). However, each season has its fans 🙂


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